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I've been at this sport headfirst for alomst two years (I'm currently 19 years old, I bowled my first game in March 2011) and I rolled a 298 under some really weird conditions. I was in Boise, Idaho visiting some family over a long weekend; I happened to have a Thursday afternoon free, so I decided that I would go find the nearest bowling alley and throw a house ball for a few games (as I didn't bring any of my equipment with me), if nothing else but to kill time. I walk into 20th century lanes, get a pair of (worn out) rental shoes and grabbed a ball that was close enough to my pattern to work, it happened to be an old, donated Brunswick Star-Track engraved Gerald ; it was a pound heavy for me (I throw a 15), but it was tip-drilled (a little too small, especially on the ring finger) and close to my span, so I decided to throw it. my first few games were absolutely terrible I maybe averaged 150; I wasn't getting nearly enough speed on the ball, and my slide was ridiculously short (rental shoes ). I decided that I'm gonna put my sneaker back on my right foot, figuring that a little track couldn't hurt. The first two frames of the next game were absolutely perfect; my shot was clean at the release, perfect at the mark, and perfect at the break. two down, only 10 to go; the next shot I stick and pull, (ugh, rental shoe ) but it sneaks over and gets carries 10 on the Brooklyn side. Knowing that my one bad shot for the game was out of the way for the game, It was like I couldn't miss 8 perfect pockets are to follow, and I'm on my fill; I'm sweating it a little bit, but I'm still fairly calm considering. I take the shot and it feels pretty good off my hand, maybe a board right of target, but it's got a lot of hand and I know it's gonna come back BOOM a b-e-a-utiful pocket 7-10 split I absolutely hit the floor. I'm still a little mad I'll get that elusive 300 one of these days, but I can at least say I've shot 298 with a house ball and one rental shoe.


Iris Miller - Steph,I am very interested in enlinlorg for your 8 week photography class beginning May 3rd. I have always been interested in phtography, but have never explored classes. I am a true beginner. Is this okay, or are you expecting a certain level of competency before attending class outside of the requirements listed on your site? I have a 35MM digital Cannon rebel, have a computer, and can purchase and editing program. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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